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one taken is too many

one rescued is not enough.

Our Mission

We are an organization dedicated to the awareness and support of services providing care and support to human trafficking victims in St. Louis.

About Us

Broken Wings is a St. Louis–based nonprofit organization working to bring awareness of human trafficking to the general public through advocacy, and comprehensive, life-transforming services to survivors. The Department of Justice has identified St. Louis among the top 20 human trafficking jurisdictions in the country.  Broken Wings recognizes the urgency in our community. Our mission is to support survivors through their path to freedom with PTSD counseling, housing, and medical treatment. Through these programs, Broken Wings makes integral, tangible services available to survivors of human trafficking to ultimately help put an end to the fastest growing criminal enterprise of the 21st century.

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By supporting Broken Wings, you are making the difference between slavery and freedom in the lives of the survivors we serve.

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